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When I export my Godot 3.1 project for Android from the Linux editor (using Ubuntu 18.04) the project fails to run on the device with error output like the following:

Parse Error: At 'load()' call, argument 1. Assigned type (int) doesn't match the function argument's type (String).

This does not happen when exported from the Windows editor (Windows 10 1809). I am using the same export template on each system (it is a custom export template with a few custom modules).

Any ideas what could cause this?

asked May 11, 2019 in Engine by Androprise (19 points)

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It appears that this error among others was caused by a version inconsistency. The version of godot in the package repos was 3.1 while my export templates were 3.1.1. After upgrading the editor to 3.1.1 (which was already in use on windows) there is no issue.

answered May 12, 2019 by Androprise (19 points)
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