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So that's basically it. I'm not completely sure about how I should credit Godot Engine when publishing my game.

From the paragraphs listed in the License page, I assume that I don't need to do it directly in the game (so I don't need to keep the default "GODOT" splash screen in my finished game), as long as I include a text document with the License text in it (or the link to de License page) in my game files.

Am I right about that? That would be the way to properly credit Godot Engine?

asked May 10 in Gossip by Tiamatsu (34 points)

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As far as I know, but I'm not a lawyer, you do not have to give any credit to godot inside the game itself. Though you pretty surly have to add a copy of the MIT-license in your games folder/package, in best case easy to find (for example in a license folder).

answered May 10 by Jowan-Spooner (752 points)
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Thanks, that's as I thought. Thank you for your answer :)

you are welcome. what i heard of, is that they are already thinking about adding this to the export options, which would be really cool I think. Anyways you can of course add some line like "made with Godot" if you liked it :)

would be really cool if we had an awesome intro like unreal

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Replying here in case anyone is searching.

The official license requirements can be found here:


Note that there are 3rd party licenses (FreeType, etc.) that must also be complied with.

answered Jun 14 by kidscancode (12,138 points)

I gotta include the whole thing? Or just:

Godot Engine

Copyright (c) 2007-2019 Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur. Copyright (c) 2014-2019 Godot Engine contributors.

I feel like only serious game releases would comply as game jammers don't even have enough time to finish their game, leave alone adding something to the credits screen they never created.

That doc is pretty clear and gives you a bunch of options, a license/credits screen is not the only one:

include the license text somewhere in your game or derivative project.


anything is valid as long as it can be displayed under some condition

That leaves it pretty open to how/where you want to put it. But yeah, the whole text is the license, not just the copyright line.

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Use the Mit license from Godot

answered Jun 19 by Dooowy. (216 points)
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