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Hello. I am new and i want to adjust the GoDot Editor more to my needs.

Special i want to flipp the Zoom Dierection of the Mouse Wheel, (Wheel down -> Zoom in ... and opposite) and View Rotation and Panning should be flipped. (Middle Mouse -> Pan; Shift+MMouse -> Rotation)

How to do that?
Thank You.

asked May 10 in Gossip by Noinx (12 points)

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Have a look at the Editor Settings.

Menu>Editor>Editor Settings>Editors>3d>Navigation

Hope it works.

answered May 10 by Jowan-Spooner (752 points)

Thank You. I found the Modifier for Pan and Orbit and changed them. So that good now. But there is no Way zu change the Zoom Direction for Mousewheel. And an new Thing i've noticed, also no Possibility to use Comma as Decimalpoint.

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