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For some reason, the body_entered signal on my rigidbody dosen't seem to dect anything no matter what. I turned on contact reporting and set reported contacts to 4. Why dosen't it work?

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do the collisionmask of this rigidbody match the collisionlayers of the other rigidbody/staticbody/kinetic_body nodes which enter?

Yes, they match.

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I fixed it by using an Area node instead of a RigidBody because I actually didn't need most of the features a RigidBody provides and collision detection works now!

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It might be your collision2d, try using a print statement to see if it outputs anything when you collide with an object. If you tested it and it's working then try to give the object a group name, then make the selection on the group rather than an object name.

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No it prints nothing even though I put a print statement.

Then it must be an issue with your collision2d maybe share an image of the scene or share the project file, so I can take a look at what's going wrong.

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