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I want to render my game with a transparent background/no background at all so that my desktop of my computer is visible behind the game, is there a way to make that possible?

Thank you?

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Window transparency is usually controlled by the window manager, I don't know about windows but some linux desktops like lxde don't support transparency. There are ways to fake transparency, you would likely need a separate script to run along side the game to do this.

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This is possible since Godot 3.1. In the Project Settings, enable the following settings:

  • Display → Window → Per Pixel Transparency → Allowed
  • Display → Window → Per Pixel Transparency → Enabled
  • Display → Window → Per Pixel Transparency → Splash (only if the splash screen requires it)
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I tried doing this in my project to no avail. what other steps are necessary to achieve a transparent background?

You need to call get_tree().get_root().set_transparent_background(true) first

how would you toggle it off and on with a button in game?

This is awesome!

To toggle it with an in-game button:

if... # button has been pressed:
        get_tree().get_root().transparent_background = !get_tree().get_root().transparent_background

i dont think it works with 3,3

i am getting a black background


you will do get a black background when its in fullscreen or the window is covering the entire screen

I have the same issue as @GNamimates. It is not fullscreen and my window is not covering the entire screen

Well, enabling & allowing the Per Pixel Transparency and running this -> get_tree().get_root().set_transparent_background(true)
did the job for me.

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