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Hi guys.I am new in game engines ,so i am sorry if my question seems silly.

Why some people use a lot of scenes for a simple game and no just one scene?

I saw a tutorial that a guy had a WorldScene(Node2D) , a PlayerScene(Node2D),a SpawnerScene(Node2D) and a SpawnerItemScene(Node2D).Then, he did a PackedScene:WorldScene->Spawner(as a child of WorldScene)->Player(as a child of WorldScene).That would be logical for me if he needed a second scene as a second level or something.

Also:Why some people use Nodes2D and no just Nodes?

Thank you.

asked May 6, 2019 in Gossip by Nick888 (213 points)

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Most tutorials like this are mainly showing Godot's work flow for bigger projects. I've found it easier to think of Godot having scene types rather than just 'Scenes'. Also Node2D and Spatial allow the scenes to be moved when they're instanced but the scene everything goes in can just be a node. Basically putting everything in one scene will cause problems later on.

answered May 6, 2019 by Magso (1,185 points)

Thank you very much.

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