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I want my default_bus_layout.tres to live in a folder named SOUND.

... But, when I move the file, all bus-routing and associated effects are lost during play-testing (sounds play without routing/effects) ... yet manually playing sound-nodes in the Inspector, works as expected.

Is the default_bus_layout.tres required to be filed in root res://? ... or what am I missing?

asked May 6, 2019 in Engine by Ole (79 points)

When moving the resource file, did you move it inside the editor, or in a file browser? When you move the file inside the editor (in the Files tab), all of the dependencies of that resource (as far as I've seen) are updated.

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You can customize it, open Project Settings > General > Audio > Default Bus Layout and select the new location for your bus layout.

answered Apr 27 by Hyper Sonic (16 points)
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