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Hey Guys!

I am so hard crying that i cant fix my Problem in my 3D Project with a navmesh.

  1. How can i get a Position from a node in a other Scene?
  2. How can i use the getsimplepath?
  3. How can i make my RigidBody to follow that path to my Player?

i can't find anything on WWW and asked in several Forum. Would be very nice if somebody hat a solution for that or a demo Project.

thank you guys

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In the SceneTree of the instanced scene, you may be able to get an array of child nodes in that scene (I think the function is get_children()). Then you can walk through the array and find the node you want. Once you find that node, getting its global position isn't that difficult.

I would like to help with the get_simple_path() function, though, but I've experimented little with pathfinding.

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