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I need an improved touch feedback in my game.
On the mobile version, how can I make the phone vibrate for very short periods of time?

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I'm looking the same feature,and thought it was included, but no lucky.

This dates back to 2016... has it been resolved / the feature integrated in Godot 3.x ?
(or is there a time line for implementing it)

Sorry if this sound basic knowledge, but who is allowed to do : Problem Report on github ? Can we accelerate the thing by making a feature request ?


Anyone is allowed to report issues, but this one was reported already. Now the best way to accelerate things is to implement it and make a PR, as the core dev team is focusing on larger issues. If you can't, upvote the issue ;)

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For Android there is a custom module to integrate in Godot source before compiling:


I have not idea if is there a module for iOS.

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Argh, too bad, I thought there was built-in way of doing it... something that basic should be included in the engine.

I've done a plugin for that here is the repo:

It seems there is a native function, now:



for android and iOS.

I can set the amplitude of vibration in my plugin but didn't knew that built in vibration.

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I've done a plugin for that on android here is the repo:

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