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Hi there!

I'm clueless of how to implement a local multiplayer logic into my game. It's a simple top-down shooter (nothing special really, since I'm pretty much just starting with Godot and game dev. in general) and I want to instance n-player_classes controlled separately by each controller/player

The problem is that I have a player class (controlled via the input manager) that should be instanced as soon as someone is connecting his controller or press a button -> how can I tag/assign this particular instance to the connected controller? Furthermore is it possible to extend the player count dynamically with each new controller connected? Unfortunately I couldn't find anything anywhere about local (not online) multiplayer implementation.

It would be awesome if someone/you could explain the general approach towards this problem. It's more important to understand the solution instead of copy/paste code.

Thanks guys :D any help is very much appreciated!

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You've looked at the documentation on higher level multiplayer, right? The implementation can work for local player, as well as online, games.

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