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When creating two StaticBody2Ds, no matter how well aligned they are, a RigidBody2D passing over them will jump upwards sometimes. I expected the RigidBody2D to just roll over the connection since there is no gap at all, but it jumps instead.

The video below shows the issue, with debug collision shapes visible:


Here's the full code to reproduce; Just create a new project and attach the code to a Node2D:

extends Node2D

const STATIC_SIZE = 2000
onready var img = preload('res://icon.png')

func _ready():
    var rb := RigidBody2D.new()

    var s = Sprite.new()
    s.texture = img


    # Add a circle shaped collision
    var rb_col := CollisionShape2D.new()
    rb_col.shape = CircleShape2D.new()
    rb_col.shape.radius = 50

    # Configure to have no friction and no damp
    rb.linear_damp = 0
    rb.physics_material_override = PhysicsMaterial.new()
    rb.physics_material_override.friction = 0

    # apply impulse
    rb.apply_impulse(Vector2.ZERO, Vector2(1050, 0))

    # follow with a camera
    var camera := Camera2D.new()
    camera.current = true


    # create 10 consecutive StaticBody2D perfectly aligned
    var pos := Vector2(STATIC_SIZE / 2, 200)
    for x in range(0, 10):
        var ground := StaticBody2D.new()
        var ground_col := CollisionShape2D.new()
        ground_col.shape = RectangleShape2D.new()
        ground_col.shape.extents = Vector2(STATIC_SIZE / 2, 100)

        # Add a sprite so we can see where the division is
        s = Sprite.new()
        s.position = Vector2(-STATIC_SIZE/2, -50)
        s.texture = img

        ground.position = pos

        pos.x += STATIC_SIZE
asked Apr 26, 2019 in Engine by nosklo (23 points)

I have tried with square shape and capsule shape, all of them present the issue

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