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Hi all,

Here is the project my brother and I have been working on off-and-on for the last three months or so. It's a hard, fast-paced, melee action platformer. It's still very much in-progress, but all the basic mechanics are in and working, and the graphics are maybe halfway done. I'm starting to think about marketing and working up to a release-able demo, so at this point I'd like to get some other people to try it, to make sure it's not completely awful. Any sort of feedback is welcome; good, bad, ugly, about gameplay, graphics, anything. If anyone wants feedback on their own project I'll gladly return the favor.

Here are a few tiny screenshots:
enter image description here

The current Windows build (24MB):
Linux build (19MB):

Controls & Instructions:
Arrow keys to move.
Up or space to jump
Down to drop through the few one-way platforms.
Z or Q to attack.
Alt-Enter to toggle fullscreen (or you can resize the window however)

The little blue glowy things above your head are your "health bar", and the similarly-themed pillars that activate as you walk by are checkpoints. All of the enemies reset when you die. There are turrets, and the other grey pillars with the red cross on them are enemy-spawners. They have little indicators to show how many they can spawn. You can hit and reflect the fireballs with your sword, though they don't do damage to enemies (yet?). The reflection angle is based on how close they are when you hit them. There are two red buttons that spawn more enemies (for fun or testing purposes), and a few little grey squares that are switches for the moving platforms.

Known bugs:
- Sometimes you spawn in completely the wrong spot.
- Occasionally the enemy-spawners don't reset when you die.
- Possibly after whacking something your jump won't work properly? I might be imagining this.

To do:
- Lots of environment graphics obviously. The old black and green stuff needs to go, plus need graphics for the enemies, turrets, and spawners.
- Easier enemies!

Thanks for looking!

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looks good :)


ugh, 12 character limit?!

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Can we have the source?
I'm on a Mac :)


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Or data.pck alone if you don't want to share the source, that should work on any desktop platform (though source distribution is always better :p)

@ Akien - Good to know, thanks!

@ oliverruehl - No, sorry, I'm not giving out the source, and actually it would not work for you anyway, unless you've built from source recently. I've been trying to get a mac build working, but the latest engine build with the mac export template on fixnum.org is from March 19th, so it doesn't have the AnimationTreePlayer filters and some other stuff that we're using. Is there a mac template around from less than 29 days ago?

You can grab this test build I did a couple of weeks ago: https://github.com/GodotBuilder/godot-builds/releases/tag/master_20160512

You'd still have to pack the OSX binaries properly in their .app so that they are like the official templates.

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