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Newbie question.. I tried few ways and looks like I did not manage it to work..
Lets say I need Add my objects to an array and wan t manipulate them straight from array. (and not to fetch them temporary to Spatial variable..)

Var myarray:Spatial = [] # no..?
Var my
array= []:Spatial # no..?
Var myarray= [:Spatial] # no..?
Var my
array= [] as Spatial [] #????...not tested..

Or is it even possible

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Type hints can't be used with arrays. The Array container in Godot is a variant container. If you have a particular need for a single-typed array, there are the Pool*Array types.

You can still add Spatial objects to your array, you just can't specify that the array will only hold Spatials.

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Pool array classes:

var my_generic_array: Array
var my_byte_array: PoolByteArray
var my_color_array: PoolColorArray
var my_int_array: PoolIntArray
var my_float_array: PoolRealArray
var my_string_array: PoolStringArray
var my_vector2_array: PoolVector2Array
var my_vector3_array: PoolVector3Array


If anyone's interested, there's a proposal to support statically typed arrays for Godot 4.0:

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