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I am trying to round up float into int.
So 0.01-> 1 and .99->1. What method to use?
And how to add it to array

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Round up:

var x = 0.01
x = ceil(x)  # x is now 1.0

Change to int:

x = int(x)

Add to array:

var a = []

Or, all together:


See https://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/classes/[email protected] for details.

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This should work. But is untested:

var fl1=0.01
var fl2=0.99
var arr = []


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you can do
int(ceil(decimal number)) or
int(floor(decimal number + 1 ))

How to add number to array
var arrayname : Array //initize an array

arrayname.append(number)//add number to array
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wouldn't second option return 3 if input was 2.0?

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