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I followed documentation here : https://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.1/development/compiling/compiling_for_android.html
my goal is to add admob ads to my game. so i recompiled godot source with this admob module ( https://github.com/kloder-games/godot-admob ) then followed the documentation to create the custom packages. finally i exported the game using these packages but then i get an empty screen ( also the size of the apk is 12 mb which means its empty )
Why is this happening ?
thank you :)

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Nevermind, turns out I was using the wrong custom packages...

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Which custom packages were you using? Which ones were the correct packages?

I used some random packages I downloaded from a tutorial video (which I think was for godot 2.x) so when I checked the path for the custom packages I figured it out and changed it to the packages that I built myself. I built them using godot source with admob folder added to the modules folder

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