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I'm messing with animation blending in AnimationTree and there's something that I either am totally misunderstanding, or that's horribly broken. Whenever I blend between two animations, all the transforms "dip" towards zero inbetween the animations. This happens no matter what kind of blending I use (blend tree with Blend2 or a BlendSpace or whatever). It does however not seem to happen with blend time between animations in a raw AnimationPlayer.

Example using BlendSpace1
Providing an example where I have a box with two animations, "Test1" and "Test2". Both animations are identical ("Test2" is just a duplicate of "Test1") and they have a single translation keyframe where the box is translated 2 units up. When blending between these I expect the box to be static, but as you can see it bobs down towards origo. If I add an identical scale key to both animations with just identity scale, the same thing happens there. When blending it becomes somewhat smaller with blends inbetween the two animations.

This is on Godot 3.1, official release from the site.

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Same issue happening to me also,
i tried using Add2 , it works then, but dont know how to implement it with statemachine,
for statemachine im using xfade time this also dips to origin.

Thank you very much this worked.

Just got around to try it and it indeed seems to be fixed by that PR. Add it as an answer and I'll accept it. :)

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