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Hey all,

I am trying to narrow a performance drop in my game upon reloading the same scene,
first couple of time it runs perfectly 60 fps (on Android phone) then suddenly after reloading the same scene goes down to 40 or <30 fps...

I have seen this post about using the profiler, and similarly to @wombatstampede I have mostly cubes with simple boxshape collision shapes but couldn't find the issue.

Is this value an indicator that the physic engine is taking too much time ?
Notice the frame% measure used...

Greatly appreciating for any suggestion / tip.

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I was getting this error:

Expected 'shader_type' at the beginning of shader.

and as explained here and here it is due to the project setting for choosing Multi-Threaded. i changed it but didn't get much benefit.

Also read this (speed up 3D), this (programming efficiency) and this (A good source to learn developing more performant applications) but so far no clear vision on how to proceed...

I know my laptop is a bit old and without a proper graphic card, however, i still find it hard that this strip down simple project runs at 30 / 35 FPS... can anyone shed any light here ? I am pretty sure i have a bad setting somewhere in my project (lights?) but can't seem to find it...

I feel this scene is more complex but runs better

Thx in advance

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if someone can have a look at the attached project in the latest comment...

answered Sep 15 by GameVisitor (703 points)
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