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i cloned the Git version of godot and followed every step of building godot from source code. After this I followed the steps for creating android modules.

Well everything worked just fine, but at the end i cant get the module with

Engine.has_singleton("TestModule") #TestModule is the name of my module

i linked it with "org/godotengine/godot/TestModule"

But Engine.has_singleton("TestModule") is still False
the documentation still says to use Globals.get_singleton but that is obsolete and didnt work too.

Well for three days now i followed everything step by steb because i thought i might forget something, but i didn't. and it still doesnt work.

finaly i tryed this tutorial:

and again everything worked fine, but i still couldnt find the module with


and cant get it with Engine.get_singleton

i dont know what to do now. i read something of an bug, but it seems it is fixed.
so could it be that there is a new one?

asked Apr 8, 2019 in Engine by gruen (63 points)
edited Apr 8, 2019 by gruen

did you test it on android device?
the android module is not available on desktop.

Oh well no i didn't

on the last video he could test it on desktop. so i will try that if i am at home (@ work right now) thanks for the hint. i will respond an update this evening.

You were right. it worked. thank you

I have the same problem but it also doesn't work on a real device. I did everything by the instructions. Still "has_singleton" returns "false". How Godot actually knows to automatically load the singleton? any way of debugging this thing?

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