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Godot 3.1

image app id:

how do i use app id

I did the same in the tutorial: https://github.com/Shin-NiL/godot-admob

but did not explain "application id"
Please, I need you, help me.

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Ok, how about looking into the example?


var adBannerId = "ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXX" # [Replace with your Ad Unit ID and delete this message.]
var adInterstitialId = "ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXX" # [Replace with your Ad Unit ID and delete this message.]
var adRewardedId = "ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/5224354917" # [There is no testing option for rewarded videos, so you can use this id for testing]
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thank you
but I know how to use [adBannerId] and [adInterstitialId]
but I do not know how to use [application id]
I searched [androidmanifest.xml] I could not

Ok, if I look into:

Then it seems that this module currently uses admob SDK version 16.0.0

Wich, according to these release notes:

...didn't require the APP ID (opposed to 17.0.0).

If you want to actually use admon SDK 17.0.0 (or newer) then you can probably edit said config.py as well as add your APP ID here:

As described by Google here:

BUT: I have no idea if there were any other changes from SDK 16.0.0 to 17.0.0 which maybe aren't included in this Godot module.

I'll try
I think that's it, thank you.

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inside res://android/build there is a file called AndroidManifest.xml. inside this file, You'll find the following somewhere

<!-- Custom application XML added by add-ons. -->
    <!-- Sample AdMob App ID: ca-app-pub-3940256099942544~3347511713 -->

Change the value here.

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