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I'm trying to export a small game for distribution. When exporting it the regular way it works fine but the windows SmartScreen filter tries to block it, which I prefer to avoid.

I don't mind releasing the code though, but when I drop the Godot binary in with the project folder I get some errors related to resource management. ('Failed loading resource') Unless I'm missing something obvious, I'm thinking this is a bug. Someone can help?


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if you can run in editor but not when exporting, it could mean that you were mixing upper and lowercase characters in file and directory names, godot data filesystem is case sensitive and you must respect file names.

Another problem can be due to special characters (non ASCII) where windows encoding differ from common standards and once packed, the engine cannot find the files, be sure use only regular (printable) ascii characters on file names.

are there any other possible issues for this error? i have the opposite issue, leaving the exe file inside the project folder, it runs, but moving the exe and pck file outside the project folder, i get the loading resources errors, but the scenes are all lowercase and no special characters.

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Probably a bug. Report the issue here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues

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