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Hi I want to add admob

But I try to see what is written on github, but there is no modul folder

It says to recompile with c ++ or Python, but I'm not a professional programmer

I can just drop godot's nodes and make a simple game

admob I am confused because there are several related github

Besides, there are a lot of parts that jump midway and it is too hard to follow

Is there anything like a simple tutorial video?

I am so sorry. I have a bad head...

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I am thinking about setting a store price instead of using ads, I am curious what benefits do you see in using ads? Some users appear to be more upset at seeing ads then just paying for the game.

I will post the game for free
The ad will only be shown in banner format for a short time at the end of the game
I do not like games with lots of ads, so I'll show you for a second.
It is a small banner so that it does not interfere with the operation.
But I can not even set an export template
I am not a professional programmer and it is difficult :(

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