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EDIT: This appears to be an issue with the engine (or the OpenVR package). I tested it in Godot 3.0 and it worked fine. You should probably disregard this.


So I'm trying to follow this tutorial on YouTube. I have a Windows 10 PC, Godot 3.1, an HTC Vive, and SteamVR is running. I installed the OpenVR package through Godot's built-in asset library. Three weird things are happening when I run my game, though:

  1. OpenVR is not showing up in ARVRServer.get_interfaces() (and so therefore cannot be used at all)
  2. When I put the VR headset on and look around, it appears that Steam is loading the Godot engine game, but it never loads so it just sits there forever
  3. When the ovr_controller.tscn from the OpenVR package's scenes folder is run, the Godot output and the SteamVR console will print out stuff, but will still not have an OpenVR interface and nothing else is different (this is probably unrelated to my main issue, but hey it might be useful)

Any ideas? Thanks :)

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