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I've tried to ask this question before because it's not showing anywhere in my profile tabs. but here is the thing: I'm trying to make the keys [A1]&[A2] to control bone A and the [B]&[B1] keys to control bone B (rotation on a single axis) this is my setup rn:









Where the max and min are a few frames each and looped with the bones in their maximal and minimal position(rotation).

I tried doing such a setup as well but couldn't get it to work in my GDscript:

...[Same as before]...




[Same as previous setup]


[Same as previous setup]

Where both states are interconnected with immediate transitions.

This is my current code related to the animation
thepos variables are also used to turn the KinematicBody

$AnimationPlayer/animTreeA.set("parameters/blendA/blend_amount", posA)
$AnimationPlayer/animTreeB.set("parameters/blendB/blend_amount", posB)

But here only one of the trees is playing (yes both are activated). I should also add that it's a inherited KinematicBody form a better collada blender export (done according to the offcial guide). I also considered the 2D mixer but without filter the transitions scale the entire mesh (for example at point 1 the mesh has a size of 1 at point 0.5 the size of 3(wild guess, it's just bigger) and at pos 0 it's back to 1 again) the same thing happened in the blend function and setting filters fixed it, I also deleted all unused bones from the animation but it didn't work.

If anyone knows how to solve this I'd love any help I can get, using godot 3.1

Best Regards to all devs here to help. :)

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