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Hello, if i had a parent node that has a child, like this :


The Parent node has position(x,y), how can i get the position of the parent node in the child node, in GDScript i can use get_owner(), but i need to do it in GDNative.

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You can use get_parent() to access parent node from child node.

print(get_parent().name) # Will print parent node 
print(get_parent().position) # Will print parent node position

I'm using Godot 3.0.

Hope this will helpful

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I realize I'm late here but for anyone else's reference:

Your GDNative class should still have the function get_parent() if it inherits from the godot::Node class.

So let's say you wished to perform the following (GDScript version):

var parent : Node = get_parent()

The GDNative equivalent would be:

godot::Node* parent = get_parent();
godot::Godot::print(parent -> get_name());

When I'm a little lost I find it useful to check the header files for GDNative. In the case of Node.hpp it would be in godot_cpp/include/gen/Node.hpp.

In your case, if you have position(x, y) and know the node is a / is a child of Node2D then you could simply perform:

godot::Node2D* parent = get_parent();
godot::Vector2 pos = parent -> get_position();
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