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When I try to import a rigid body from Blender I end up with a collision shape of just a Box Shape. I use -rigid flag in Blender. I've also tried flags like -col and -colonly but they create a Static Body.

How to import both mesh and collision shape for Rigid Body?

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If you want a collision mesh that matches exactly your rigid body, you can do this in Godot using "create Trimesh Static body and Convex static body." as described here

Good luck :-)

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Thank you!

I've exported my mesh without any flags then created a trimesh static body, created rigid body and reparented my collision to that rigid body and deleted a static body created by trimesh option. But this method creates a copy of a mesh and a Rigid Body doesn't move or falls through the ground. Am I doing something wrong here?

Ok, convex shape solved my problem.

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