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How to set particles gravity via gdscript?

I'm trying to make something like this, (of course it doesn't works):


or this


All I want is to change the gravity property of Particles using GDscript.

Thank you in advance.

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Have you tried:
get_node("Particles").process_material.gravity = Vector3(9.8, 0, 0)
? This works for me.

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Lol. I was so close. It's official: I'm getting nuts. Thank you.

But I'm realizing that's not necessary to set up the direction, since the particles follow the character. Shame on me.

Btw the class help in the top right of the script editor is really useful for that kind of things. It's a lot faster than the online help.

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Godot > 3.4

get_node("Particles").process_material.set("gravity", Vector3(98,0,0) )


$Particles2D.process_material.set("gravity", Vector3(98,0,0) )
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