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0,1 and 2 vertex are cavity

0 1 and 2 vertexs are cavity as you see

there will be a loop for every 3 vertices that for angle and if some bigger than 180 this means it is concave
how can i measure angles in this loop?

asked Mar 23 in Gossip by cenullum (23 points)
edited Mar 23 by cenullum

A tri will never have an inner angle>180° (in 2D or 3D). (And all outer Angles will always be >= 180°)
But maybe "Geometry" will help you further:

It has tools functions which might assist you. Whatever you're actually trying to do.

If you need more help then I suppose that you get a more specific. You don't even tell us if you're talking about 2d or 3d.

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