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I want to use non-English characters in Godot, but when I write them (In every node, like a Label or a Button) and run the project, the text does not display. For example, I write some Arabic characters in a Label and run the project, but I do not see anything. But I can see the characters in editor separately and reversely. ("عالم" is displayed "م ل ا ع")

I know that this problem is discussed on GitHub, but there was not any good solution. Please advise me a good and simple solution to solve this problem. I think it is not solved so far.


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Hello again,
I found a great and completed solution for Persian language. I think we can generalize it for other same languages.
Mohammad Reza Baghbani has written a good module to solve this problem here. You can download it from here directly.
Thanks to Mohammad Reza Baghbani

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hello there, does it support vowels (fatha, kasra, damma, soukoun, chadda,...)? thanks.

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