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I have an imported model which works fine however if I flip it by setting any of the scale axes to -1, all the lighting is shown on the wrong side of the mesh as though it's flipping both the position of the lights and the environment with it so it's rendering local to the mesh and not in global space. How could I fix this?

asked Mar 23, 2019 in Engine by Magso (2,713 points)

The problem seems to be with GLES3, switching to GLES2 fixes the problem. This might be due to GLES2 rendering the light on both sides of the mesh whereas GLES3 only renders the side supposedly facing the light, but doesn't take a negative scale value into account but that still doesn't fully explain why the lighting flips in GLES3.

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The cull mode is set to disabled when importing meshes. Although it doesn't explain why the light flips only in GLES3, making a new material and setting the cull mode to front or back fixes the issue.

answered Jan 27 by Magso (2,713 points)
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