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Is there a simple (universal) way to check if a file exists?

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var file2Check = File.new()
var doFileExists = file2Check.file_exists(PATH_2_FILE):

You can also use Directory class:

var directory = Directory.new();
var doFileExists = directory.file_exists(PATH_2_FILE)

PATH_2_FILE should be in "res://data/file.extension" format

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Perfect! Thank you :)
I was using ConfigFile - but that does not seem to have anything similar (yet)
Note that you can make it a one-liner with `Directory.new().file_exists(PATH_2_FILE)` and `File.new().file_exists(PATH_2_FILE)`

For resources, use ResourceLoader.exists("res://sprite.tscn")

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to check whether a directory exists or not, use

var directory = Directory.new();
var doFileExists = directory.dir_exists(PATH_2_DIRECTORY)
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note: GODOT 3.0+

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