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Hi everyone,

I just started learing how to use Godot and stumbled across my first issue. I did everything as shown in various tutorials but whenever I use the Parallax Background and set up mirroring the new mirrored part of the background renders just after the end is visible in the player camera. So basically the next background part pops up on camera so one sees that just repeats. I set the x-value for mirroring to be the same as the width of the background image (just some trees for testing, so there is no y-axis to mirror).

Here a screenshot: image

What am I doing wrong? When I use the same image in a lot larger it seems to work but then my player figure is way too small.

Thanks for your help! :)

asked Mar 20, 2019 in Engine by okolaris (14 points)

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Not sure if you figured this out already by I just ran into a similar problem today and thought I'd post what worked for me in case it helps someone else out.

The problem I ran into occurs specifically when the rendered sprite is smaller than the viewport - didn't have to take these steps with larger backgrounds, but for smaller images you may have to:

  1. Check the "import" tab on your image asset and make sure "Repeat" is set to "Enabled" - Reimport if needed
  2. On your Sprite, set Region to Enabled, x & y to 0 and w & h to some multiple of your sprite size which will cover the viewport
  3. On your ParallaxLayer, set Mirroring to the same values as your Region w & h (multiplied by your Sprite's scale factor if not set to 1)

Hope this helps!

answered Jun 2, 2019 by soundgnome (22 points)
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Have you tried setting "Ignore Camera Zoom" in Parallax Background?
In my case that was the reason.

answered Jan 4 by Canna71 (14 points)
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