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Dear Godot team!

I am currently trying to get both 2.1.5 and latest 3.1 work somehow. I try various machines now (not working anywhere yet - sometimes maybe for my fault) among which machines are also a Raspberry and an Orange pi. On Orange pi I can get 2.1.5 to work, but it is really-really slow. Also 3.1 writes into the console that I am using llvm-pipe as the ES2 renderer.

This means that Godot picks up a wrong location for the libraries I have. I had a similar problem once with "gl4es" but there the programmer who wrote it, made it possible to "tell" where the relevant EGL and GLES2 libraries are on my system.

The similar problem was here:

Is there a way to tell the build of the Godot engine to pick up EGL and GLES from a different directory? I know where are the relevant files, but still the software renderer is picked up and found. How can I easily tell the build or the system where to look for these?

TL;DR: My system both has llvm-pipe and a hardware renderer for GLES2 but Godot by default only finds the software renderer which is slow for our purposes. How to tell the build or the engine where to look for EGL and GLES libraries?

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