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I am putting a turn based game together and not clear how godot will be able to support it. I will have a server which can detect the clients as they respond to a broadcast from it. It then reply to the clients one at a time (based on their turn) and sends them the relevant data.

I am testing my server using the the TCP/IP networking for now just to make sure that it works. I then need to port it to Godot.

Having looked at the documentation, I am not sure if it supports what I need to do. So I have a couple fo questions that hope somebody can help.

1) Is it better if I create a standalone game server with all the game logic in it. I then get this server to continually talk to the Godot engine for data and screen update?

2) I write the server in Godot.

If option '2' is better I haven't seen any examples or code to do this, so can somebody point me in the right direction?


asked Mar 19, 2019 in Engine by zard (12 points)

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