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I have a scene as a general class for all interactive objects: It contains a little script, area2d and few other things.

Basically it's a class node for all interactive objects in game. Then I make a new INHERITED scene from it and call it TV for example, and make a TV, that must have exported variable export(int) var channel_numberwhich I can change manually on my game' level.

BUT after I add TV on the level, I can't reach that value in the editor because it shows only parent's script vars (if there are exported ones).

Of course i can add this var to the parent's script, but the next object will be a door, or a lamp, and they don't need that var. More over, if I have like a 1000 different objects in game it's just will be crazy to store all vars that need to be available in the editor to its main class (or parent scene in terms of Godot).

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