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I tested ARVR functionality.
To my surprise here is no AR on my mobile device available - only "Native mobile" with stereo view.

Is AR not finished?
Or is my device not compatible?
Or do i need some extras libs, permissions, etc?
PS: i enabled camera permission for android export.

I have no idea how can i get AR working here.

I found more here in news:

Godot fully supports ARKit but it is unlikely to be added into the
core any time soon.

It seems to me that AR is not build in?

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I also had that issue working with OpenVR. I got it working on the stable Windows Version 3.0.6 64Bit. 32Bit doesn't work!
The OpenVR module in the AssetLib is not yet updated to run with 3.1. If you want to run it on 3.1 then you have to download this version (1.2.10) of openvr manually.
Copy the addons folder and paste it into your project

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