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How to I make a .gd script import another .gd script? :S
I am unable to import it even when it is in the same folder using "import "

My goal is to be able to load another script which returns the default variables depending on key :)

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Use preload for other scripts, it is simple.

Like so:

const DefaultManager = preload("default_manager.gd") # Relative path
onready var default_manager = DefaultManager.new()

Note that if you want to make a static class, you might want to have a look at autoloads.

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onready var GF = preload("Scripts/GameFunctions.gd").new() Another sexier way too :D

@wombatTurkey Yeah, but I like the two-step one more. Also, in both cases it might be way simpler to use global-exposed singleton autoloads.

Yeah, I was just fooling around, love how we can chain stuff tbh

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