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Hello together,

I know in languages like Java you have GSON or in C# you have Newtonsoft-JSON which allows you to parse whole Objects into JSON and back.
Now, I created a little script called NetPacket.gd with this content:

var type
var data = []

I preloaded this in my root node and created an instance of it with the ".new()" method.
Then I filled the type and data from the root node. In the next step I´d like to convert the NetPacket to a json String and send it to my server. I can create a JSON String of the array inside the NetPacket by calling


but then I´d have to do this multiple times in order to get the the whole object parsed.
Is there a way to do it faster and in one step ?

Best regards,

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There is a helper function to_json(packet.data) that should do what you want.

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Hi Eric,

thank you for the fast reply.
I just tried


which by the way does not have to be used on an object, just if anyone is curious.
So basically you can use it anywhere in your gs-script by simply calling to_json(var)
The result I get is "[Node:1132]" which is exactly the same thing that I got when I called JSON.print(var)
Oh, just to make things clear, the NetPacket.gd extends Node

Any ideas ?

Best regards,

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