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I use this code for changing font size:

func _ready():
  self.get_font("Chadwick_Cyrillic", "").set_height(6)

But bitmap font doesn't scale. I mean, a cursor scales but not font. I tried several fonts.
As for distance field it becomes super-antialiased glowing neon font.
enter image description here
And, by the way, it doesn't scales too.

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Godot 2.1 will contain DynamicFont resource that allows dynamic font loading and rendering. You can load ttf files using it. If you want to use it now you have to compile Godot from source

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Thx, how to access, via GDScript, size property?

I've tried:

get_node("Label").set("custom_fonts/font:font/size", 100)

with no success....
Any suggestions?

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