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Hi everyone,

I'm facing with a little thing about scrollContainer that I rather in other way.


-> ScrollContainer
--> HBox
---> Control node scene

Well, right now when you add some items inside a hbox the scrollcontainer fits perfectly and that's fine, but my problem is that I'm only able to scroll when I make the scroll movement (mouse or touch) between the HBox separation that I have setted but I want that the nodes inside HBox scroll del ScrollContainer when you are scrolling over them but aswell keeping their own actions like button actions.

I hope I had explained it enough well,

Thank you!

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Sounds like one Control in the node scene or the Hbox is set to Mouse:stop in the inspector or that the accept_event() function is called somewhere so the scroll "click" does not bubble up to the ScrollContainer.

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Indeed, some TextureButton were as Mouse:stop

Really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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