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So I have a few questions how do I adjust the image position in the editor? Is that possible? I'm trying to get a flower(in an image) inside the square. The size of the flower is less than the grid but the image is positioned in such a way that it doesn't get inside the square. This happens when I have snapping and show grid enabled. Without snap and grid I can get it in but I can't tell if the tile is 32x32 or not.

When I create a new single tile without snapping how do I check that tile's length and breadth? The inspector doesn't show the current tile's size.

In the snap options the x and y of step and offset and other options are they in px or mm?

I have looked in documentation and tutorials but haven't been able to find find an answer.

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I figured it out. Forgot to answer it. I was new to tiles so it took me a while but anyway.

"In the snap options the x and y of step and offset and other options are they in px or mm?"

It's in px. So changing my inkscape settings to px really helped. My first problem also got solved once I adjusted the image in inkscape and then exported.

So if anyone else that has these questions can find this helpful.

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