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My app will not run on an old Android 4.0.x tablet. I don't even see the Godot logo, just a black screen that disappears after a few seconds.How can I debug the problem here? I can deploy and run the same app on a 6.0.1 phone, a 6.0.1 tablet and and a 4.1.2 phone.

edit: I've since tried a 4.0.x phone and it works pretty good (HTC Evo 3D). The tablet is an Acer Iconia 500.

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The export templates for Android are compiled with API level 19, which corresponds to Android 4.4. I am a little surprised that it works on one 4.0.x phone and doesn't on another. I would have expected it to either fail on every phone with an Android version below 4.4, or to run or fail depending on the features you use in your game.
Are both phones using stock Android or is one of them maybe using an enhanced version (I am not talking about custom roms like cyanogen mod, I am talking about custom versions built by some manufacturers)?

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Ok I thought I'd read that 4.0.x devices were still supported. It's hard to say if the ROMs are 'stock'. Aren't they all 'non-stock' except for Nexus devices and some others that provide a 'pure' Android? The phone has a custom startup screen (Vodafone) and I think the old Sense UI, and the Acer has it's whatever UI on top I guess. Maybe just freak luck it works on the HTC phone. Pity, as I lose my only 10" testing device.

As far as features I use, it's a heavily UI (control) based app with no physics and hardly and 2D type nodes.

godot now uses compileSdkVersion 19 but the defaultConfig shows min sdk version is 14.

defaultConfig {
    minSdkVersion 14
    targetSdkVersion 19

So, it actually supports api 14 (android 4.0) above.

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