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DISCLAMER: I started using GODOT around a week ago (04 feb. 2016). I am not a game developer nor an artist, but I do have some programming experience (especially with Python) and I am interested in design (2D, 3D). As such I have read a lot of things, but I never got around to actually do anything, until I met GODOT that is. But enough about me... let's talk about me... I mean my project:
link to the project page

First I'd like to say that I would greatly appreciate any feedback if any of is interested in this thing :). Now the goal I set for myself is to learn GODOT doing this project and at the end of it to build a tutorial series explaining the ins and outs of how to build such a game from 0. I don't want to make it too trivial tho'. While the idea itself is very simple, I want to make a finished polished product (graphics and animation-wise especially). Understanding how GODOT wants us to layer our game from the programming perspective is also of great importance. As such I would really like your help in making this the best 2D mini-project / tutorial-series / GODOT showcase thing there is!

I think most of the tutorials out there are very simplistic, in that they use artwork already created by others, or they just explain certain parts of the game engine that may or may not be related to each other, thus they're not coherent. The specific goals for this project is:

  • be an arcade type of shoot at targets game, but complicated enough to be engaging and interesting
  • target the Android platform
  • have multiple backgrounds that change depending on time of day (they will all be created by me and in the end by us :P)
  • use Android accelerometer to move stuff around
  • have simple yet clean and polished VFX (all done by us)
  • have a clean well documented code base
  • finally... this one will be tricky... if at all possible (I will try to learn but haven't looked at this in a very very long while) create sound effects and music for the game (I have no music background but with the help of tutorials and LMMS... who knows). This one is a loose objective, tho' depending on how difficult it will be for me. SFX are probably doable, don't know about any theme songs tho'
  • if successful and enough people get interested, put it in google play store

And objectives for tutorial series:

  • make a series that goes from 0 to finish using our own resources and free programs (GODOT, Krita, Inkscape, LMMS), except for fonts :p. I'll probably focus on Inkscape for this one tho' as I want to give it a very simple "vector" look and feel
  • explain most parts in GODOT that go beyond the simple introductory series. A few examples of what I have in mind:
  • add bloom effects (which seem to not be as trivial... or so it wasn't for me :d) - DONE

    • add a simple yet very powerful effect, the procedural camera shake - DONE
    • how to work with the accelerometer - DONE implementing projectile motion for it
    • do some programming stuff (like steering behavior, I'm learning this too! :d)
    • construct a "star field" using the particle system to give it a nice atmosphere (so no fake scrolling backgrounds) - HALF DONE... still need to make some nice backgrounds to complement the particle system, I actually don't know if this will look nice in the end but hey... we'll try it out and see
    • use parallax layer to give the backgrounds an interesting but very subtle motion
    • use light effects for mood
    • use the animation system to it's fullest with function calls
    • do loadable scenes (cause every game needs that, doesn't it?)
    • save user progress (:D have to research this one)
  • explain the use of Inkscape / Krita and other software for VFX and SFX (everything, except fonts) will be created from scratch

  • and finally, as I've said before, if enough people get interested in this and if project is successful, then I'll look at adding this to the google play store and in detail through the process of doing so (since it will be my first time too, it will be a perfect opportunity to take notes :d)

Finally I'll keep this next part updated as I progress with the project and will document all updates:

ProjectileJam screencast

Gameplay: shoot with SPACE (or red left button), steer the projectile with LEFT/RIGHT keys or accelerometer on Android, move platform with A/D or the orange right buttons. Try to destroy exploding barrels :q

Update: it seems that this thing has a maximum number for allowed characters so I'll be posting updates as answer / comments to answer :)

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At first sight it seems like a great concept, but doesn't seem to fit for PC too much. For desktops it's little too simple and short of an idea, I'd like to see this being focused on the Android / iOS and WP marketplaces though. I currently don't have time to test though, maybe later smiley

EDIT: After looking at the article a bit more I actually noticed that I missed that you're actually targeting the Android platform. For that I think this game has some real potential. I hope you'll get some attention from the Play Store laugh

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Yah well... Android yes :p
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Hope this works! I'll have here the updates in comments

Update #1 links: "tank tracks" experiment

Update #2 links: progress on trello, game design document (wanna' be

Update #3 links: blender cutout import helper, Andreas' YouTube movie, Andreas' super good news

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