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I have a VideoPlayer node in a scene with an associated .ogv file stream setup in the inspector. Pressing the 'play the project' arrow button runs the scene and video but the player.get_stream_name() method returns null.

Checking the return type using typeof(player.get_stream_name()) returns 4 - don't know what this is:

func _ready():
    var player = get_node("VideoPlayer")
    print("playing? ", player.is_playing()) # outputs "playing: True"
    print("stream: ", player.get_stream_name()) #outputs "stream: " 

... so print("stream: ", player.get_stream_name()) statement returns: "stream: " and no filename.

Can you help please?


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No idea why this is so (you could open a ticket for this, might be an error).

But you could use the streams resource_name instead.

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