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Since I'm creating multiple children via code, I can only evaluate the result on the final rendered screen.
I wonder, is there any way to create a grid or other controls to evaluate, for example, if the placement of a child created in the code is correct in the final rendered output?

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The least code way would be to make a png file with one cell of that grid and then set it to tile in a TextureRect (with import Filter unchecked)

Or with a bunch of code


extends Control

export var bg = Color(1,1,1)
export var fg = Color(0.6,0.5,0.5)
export var rows = 3
export var columns = 3

func _draw():

    var w = rect_size.x
    var h = rect_size.y
    var cw = w/columns #cell width
    var ch = h/rows #cell height

    draw_rect( Rect2(Vector2.ZERO,rect_size), bg)
    for row in range(1,rows, 2):
        var y = ch*row+(ch*0.5)
        draw_line( Vector2(0,y), Vector2(w,y), fg, ch )

    for column in range(1,columns, 2):
        var x = cw*column+(cw*0.5)
        draw_line( Vector2(x,0), Vector2(x,h), fg, cw )
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