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I found that the VideoPlayer node works when running the scene on a laptop i.e. the scene loads and plays a .ogv video correctly. Installing and running the scene on a mobile device, however, failed to run the video i.e. the video did not appear though the other nodes in the scene functioned correctly.

Does the VideoPlayer node work on mobile devices?

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I just copied a little OGV-File from this site: http://techslides.com/sample-webm-ogg-and-mp4-video-files-for-html5 in my GLES2 project (Godot 3.1). That worked on Android.

I propose that you also try it out with that sample file.

Did you try it with 3.0.6 or 3.1?

Also, compatibility with video codecs may depend on the Android version of the device.
See here:

You may be better off using WEBM (VP8 or VP9 (Android 4.4+)) compression for the videos when targeting Android. Simply try it out I'd say.

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