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I am using an item list to display a list of houses available for the player to purchase.
Included in the text of each item needs to be it's name, price, stats. I am unable to see this information at a reasonable font size. Therefore I would like to wrap the text onto a new line. How can I achieve this with the ItemList node?

I noticed maxtextlines but that does not seem to effect anything. Additionally placing \n within the text string does nothing.

Any ideas?

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Yeah I have noticed this as well, the premade controls all good for just getting something that kind of works. But at some level I just break it into a VBoxContainer containing HBoxContainer, also makes editing layout of the rows more direct as they can just be their own template scene.

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You need to set the Icon Mode to "Top" and set the columnfixedwidth to greater than 0.
However, I noticed this as well. It would be nice if the text could just be added and have it wrapped with as many lines that are needed. Currently, it won't calculate how many lines you need for you.

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