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sorry for my broken english. and thank for help

when i click increase button in main map, number didt change, but when i change map, num_count change to right value. and same thing happend in second map, value did't change until i go to other map. why this happend and how to fix it?

so i make 1 singelton and 3 scene
1 singelton name (global_object)with script:

  var num = 1

i make node(bob)> label(num_count) with code:

func _ready():

main map
- button for next_map with code:

func _on_next_map_pressed():

-button to increase number with code:

func _on_increase_pressed():
    global_object.num += 3

-and i put node(bob) from scene 1

second map name (new_world)

-button to increase number with code:

func _on_increase_pressed():
    global_object.num += 3

-put node(bob) from scene 1 here too

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