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Hi everyone! Today I have two important questions to ask you.
I’ve just completed my first game with Godot. But now I am faced with a couple of issues to solve:

1) my game contains some videos, so to view them I had to export the exe file inside the game development folder. What I wonder is: if I had to upload my game in a game site, what would happen? Would the videos be seen or not?
2) exporting the game in apk file, the app does not work, and I know that unfortunately this is a fairly common issue in Godot. How could I solve it?

Thanks for the answers.

asked Mar 2 in Engine by Rob1980 (71 points)

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  1. You can add videos to the non-resource export filter in the export preset, as videos aren't considered to be "imported" by Godot (since they're loaded directly). This should cover all video formats supported by Godot:
    *.ogg, *.ogv, *.webm (some Ogg Theora videos have an .ogg extension)

  2. Do you get any error messages when trying to install/run the APK on Android? Make sure to follow the instructions to generate a keystore for development purposes. If you're exporting in release mode, you need to configure the path to the keystore in the export preset, not in the Editor Settings.

answered Mar 6 by Calinou (3,779 points)
selected Mar 7 by Rob1980

Thank you so much! ;-)

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Anybody? :-(

answered Mar 5 by Rob1980 (71 points)
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