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hello. I have some question about how to export 3d part from blender. I have a bunch of blender 2.79 geometries linked in a master part (something similar to what is done here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNOCSor0U5Y). Each one of this part has a bunch of animations, and all the materials are saved in a different folder and then linked to each one of the objects (linking material). When I export this to Godot using any of the exporters add-ons [better Collada(.dae) or Godot Engine(.escn)] just a few of the object, animations and textures are exporters, and then I have to manually add the textures to each one of the files in Godot.
So, how can I export blender mesh, animations and textures created using linking to Godot? or maybe I should not use linking in blender, is this the correct way of working from blender to godot?
The problem is not with single parts, the problem is with big and complex parts with many textures and animations, something like a city.

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