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Particles scene for emitting particles in 3D has property explosiveness, which stands for delay between each particle emitted. But there is an artifact: instead of starting new iteration of emitting after all the amount particles are emitted, it waits just as if explosiveness = 0, i.e. lifetime * explosiveness after the last particle emissed.

I know that some time before in Godot something like emit_time existed and setting it to lifetime * (1 - explosiveness) solves the problem exactly.

For now, not only lifetime regulates the total time of full emitting iteration (which is
rather oddly), but if explosiveness > 0, it waits for lifetime anyway, so a huge delay occurs between last particle emission and start of new emission iteration.

How could I solve the problem with delay after iteration using explosiveness, with minimal effort?

By the way, I've tried to adjust lifetime and explosiveness just when I want to start new iteration, and then start it manually by turning off and on emitting. But I've realized that full time of one emitting iteration binds once and timeouts independently of which properties I've changed after iteration has started, so it is weird that I can't tweak some logic manually via GDScript.

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